Save on Insurance with Smart Devices

Save on Insurance with Smart Devices

Insurance companies are wise to the fact that some smart devices increase safety and mitigate risks, such as house fires. And as a result, they're giving customers discounts on premiums for using certain smart devices. In fact, you could save 5 to 20 percent, depending on the devices and your insurer.

Many home insurance companies provide discounts for homes with security systems. With monitored security systems, a security company will keep an eye on your home and if sensors are tripped, they can contact you or the police. Some systems also offer "self-monitoring" and will send alerts to your phone, but won't contact the police or the security company until you give permission.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that leaking pipes and faucets in households waste over a trillion gallons of water per year. Not only will this run up your utility bills, but water damage can ruin cabinets, walls, floors and more. Fortunately, you can set up smart leak sensors under sinks and elsewhere. When a leak is detected, you'll get pinged on your phone. You can also use the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System. If there's a failure, say a water pipe breaking, it can shut off the water completely, potentially preventing a flood. Some insurers offer premium discounts for homes equipped with these water monitoring systems.

The NFPA reports that over 350,000 fires occur at home each year, many caused by electrical issues. But with Ting's in-socket smart sensors, if an electrical issue occurs, homeowners are warned before the fire starts. A few insurers now provide Ting free and some security systems also include devices that monitor for fires and water leaks.

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